Wednesday, May 25, 2011

RUN OUT #04 Missional or Social Justice Activity

Every local context is different but here are some thought starters for a faith community of multi or any ages to engage with the community in helping to 'meet the hurts and hopes' of people in that community:
1. Healthy Breakfasts Schools Program
2. Covenanting or Reconciliation with local Indigenous Community
3. World Vision Poverty Village community partnership to highlight poverty issues but also promote connections
4. Participate in a community kitchen roster or meals program
5. Volunteer at a Community Garden
6. Choose an issue like 'Cash for containers' to advocate for and hold events
7. 'Flashmob' to highlight a cause
8. Write Amnesty International letters
9. Raise money for the 'Fred Hollows Foundation'
10. Organize experts to run skate workshops and eventually a comp at the the local skate park

'Its not rocket science'

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