Monday, May 16, 2011


In my day it was the so-called 'limp fall' inspired by cartoonist Paul Rigby or later on the spectacle of a public 'pants-ing and it seems the latest viral pop cultural activity is what's become known as 'planking'! A 'limp fall' involved flopping to the ground in public settings, careful not to injure yourself. Typical of today's risk taking culture, no idea can just be fun or ordinary and so instead of just humorous locations, planking happens in dangerous places.
For those unaware [and after this week that'll be very few people here in Oz...] 'Planking' involves being photographed, lying face down 'stiff as a board' in interesting and challenging locations:
- goalpost crossbars
- gardens
- atop furniture
- on roadway speed bumps
- public spaces
- at heights
- done by celebrities
- and apparently on high rise apartment balcony rails
In this last case the bloke fell seven floors to his death from a Gold Coast apartment block.

This is a tricky one... on the one hand, it's a funny harmless and creative prank BUT the challenge was always going to be to find increasingly edgy scenarios... with a website for uploading your photos and a plethora of youtube videos... this was bound to go badly!!

Would you include 'planking' in your youth group 'photo scavenger hunt'? Will adults and Police speaking out and encouraging caution just make it worse or will one balcony plunge give pause for common sense?

You can see lots of photos here on Facebook where the message to be safe and creative, not dangerous, is getting out there!!

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