Tuesday, May 17, 2011

RUN OUT # 02 Activities

From the rarified air of a statewide role focused more on leadership development and 'big picture' ministry with young people... What would a great program of activities look like for high schoolers? Well first following on from RUN OUT #01 It might best be a series of events and activities rather than a single group program but these might make the list across a year... In no particular order:

- this is a community of faith focused on who God is calling them to be in this time and place
- young people are viewed ( if only by the leadership) as people, capable of shaping meaning, identity, faith and belonging
- programs or events are tools for the goal of being an inclusive faith community with hopes for all people and a better world
- 'resilience' is a hope for all young people the community encounters
- the group builds on an ethos not a mission plan and unrstands there are no maps for 21st C experiments in 'church'
- we seek to gather around people's affinities, authentically and with a focus on living in the world we live in
- I reserve the right to add to this list or change it as this is 'speed thinking'

1. Adventure Park activities as 'challenge by choice' including a picnic
2. Multi night at the property including (4) different activities with common supper e.g. Gaming, master chef, group building games, short films
3. 'Telling Stories' where people with a story to share are invited to do that in a familiar style e.g. Muso, coach, sport star, volunteer, activitist
4. Pastoral Small Groups Launch Pad. These groups might be offered in one format at a gathering but encouraged as an add on once a fortnight at another time\place as a mentored experience.... Straight after school or another best time
5. Movie Night with appropriate form of discussion
6. 'Life and Faith' is about gathering to focus discipleship activity augmented by a regular resource giving young people faith practices to do on their own... It might be one night, a launch weekend, or built into other program nights and has a noticeboard devoted to a multi-faceted one of participating
7. Social Action Teams. These are multi-aged teams around a small number of projects reflecting the community, context, skills, enthusiasm and connections of those involved. Choose a variety of activities and actively invite everyone to participate in something
8. Wider activity. Horizons are broadened and relationships and networks developed around road trips, hospitality and engaging in groups beyond your own... Anything really, that value adds to what you already have going
9. Scavenger Hunt. Whether modelled on 'The Amazing Race' or a video, audio or edgy version, well led groups scour the neighborhood or town for a set of compulsory and optional items/images etc...
10. Visits to places like Funeral Directors, local factories, museums bring great conversation
11. Park Picnic BBQ where the group of as much of the hospitality as possible
12. Drive In Movie. There are a handful around.... Line up the cars, bring a boom box and deck chairs, create a great story...
14. Healthy School Breakfasts programs need organizers and volunteers
15. Social Justice Action days, weeks and focused campaignsm, but not your own church version, partner with a community based local group and participate en masse
16. Laser Tag
17. Day Camps. Organize a variety of activities around the chosen affinities you offer at other times and run streamed activity onsite for Sat/Sun or weekday holiday Camps and add a variety of days across 4-5 days with expectation of entirely different crowds each day, no accommodation needs and travel organized around registrations for each activity or all based onsite
18. Movie making for different purposes... Fun, fractured parables, use in worship etc, maybe even a Short Film Entry
19. Tableau Activities where whatever is included, the groups rotate around at set times to experience a variety
20. Costume Night with Dinner.... Either you choose, tell different people different themes but set it up as a secret....
21. Nooma, TED Talks, or other 10-20 min video plus discussion over food
22. Leadership/ Team training.... Off this as part of your program for all comers, teaching life, faith and leading skills
23. Organize Fundraising for a cause 'beyond yourselves'
24. Volunteering. Together work out a cause or action to support e.g sandwich making for local volunteer graffiti removers
25. Include several activities voted 'yes' to by the group from a list of do-able options

OK more to follow later...

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