Sunday, May 15, 2011

OTW Newsletter Ideas

I have just sent out the latest and probably last edition of my "Off the Wall" Youth Workers Newsletter from the Synod YOUTH UNIT NSW/ACT Uniting Church in Australia as the Unit winds up during the rest of 2011 with our Boards of Education and Mission merging and a new 5 person Team replacing a whole host of roles due to shrinking finances... ho hum!! 'OTW' is a title of mine so it may appear elsewhere with another focus but not to this target audience...
The point is I wanted to share some ideas here!

Movies worth USING:
1. 'The Kings Speech' M 1hr 58mins
Course language but great story
2. 'Source Code' PG 1hr 33mins
Thriller with great questions
3. 'The Adjustment Bureau' PG 1hr 48mins
great questions, but challenge the films premise and imaging of 'the plan'
4. 'Rio' G lhr 36mins
Great story and message about care for creation
5. 'Thor' PG 1 54mins
Latest Marvel story with a moral, building up to the Avengers
Look past the wooden acting

Songs worth Hearing
1. 'Price Tag' Jessie J feta B.O.B.
priorties, values, outlook
2. 'I Feel Pretty/Unpretty' GLEE
covering the Sugababes on self image
3. 'Maybe' Sick Puppies
who am I? who will I be?
4. "Plans' Birds of Tokyo
more mood than specifically the lyrics, about hope, plans, future
5. 'Pray' acoustic version Justin Beiber
Could be useful with younger groups as I channel my own daughters love/hate relationship with the Beiber!!

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