Saturday, October 11, 2014

Thoughts and Stuff

   I'm about to take a social media break for a while folks, the culmination of a long and busy sporting winter on TV and in person... and the advent of warmth, sun and outdoor hours BUT also the need for rest ahead of coming events...a trip to hospital!!
   Mostly though, being involved in Rugby as a volunteer reminds me how exhausting it is and when I coached and played I rarely did much any October Long Weekend. When I played cricket, if we were in Rugby Finals as captain/Coach I usually needed that first month off just to get some mental rest!!
   I think my Rocktober list will either be short-lived or batched for you to drop by daily... I'm taking some time off, so I switch off the resource finding and sharing, ideas and 'work' button for a while...
This just seems to be the song I want to post today...

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