Saturday, October 11, 2014

Rocktober #10 "Rock and Roll All Night" KISS

   Our neighbour across the street was a member of 'the KISS Army'... dress up parties, disco sound tracks, school band concerts featured music, costume and make up or at least a poster or action figure and let's face it we loved it, they were this mysterious phenomenon with the full R&R legend of luxury tours, girls, alcohol and parties, oh and money!! Even I attended [1] mates birthday party dressed as Peter Criss. This is another band with song after song in the charts, pyrotechnics and huge stage presence... unmasked, what a let down... geriatric reunion tours... well only the three fans would be enthralled I suspect... the less said about Gene Simmons reality TV show the better... rock legends, absolutely!! KISS rounds out my 70s Rocktober list
   I am looking to take a break from social media despite having had this crazy idea so what I am going to do is work days ahead until done and leave you the reader to return as you wish for the rest of the month!!

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