Saturday, October 04, 2014

Rocktober #04 "[Saturday] Night Fever" The Bee Gees

   In an effort to recreate the experience at the time, here we are only four entries into 'Rocktober' and along come the Bee Gees who definitely did their bit to inspire the 'Death to/before Disco" t-shirt craze... a sometimes maligned genre Robert Stigwood and the Bee Gees certainly hit the jackpot with John Travolta and their "Saturday Night Fever" movie.
   Here I need to 'own up' to wearing flares and a body shirt to the 'Disco' at Largs School of Arts, mentioned here in the middle of this article... but not only did I wear the correct attire, we took out the Dance competition one Saturday night at the monthly disco!! Same night I was almost in a punch up over my partner!! That was a long time ago...

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