Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Photo of the Week: The Postie

    Our dog Max is a maltese cross white ball of pride and protection, who 'wouldn't hurt a fly' unless you got between him and his food or tried to pick him up off the end of a bed at night after he's settled... Max launches at the blinds when the AVON lady, a trade or the parcel delivery man arrives on our stairs and front door... until few pats and some acknowledgement...
   He as a good memory as evidenced by the day it emerged the parcel van pulled up out front only so the regular local delivery contractor could stop and have his sandwich... Max was meanwhile going ballistic, launching himself at the blinds and window in the bedroom... the door of which we now close before answering the front door so max is 'snookered' in that room... as friends have observed, don't think the parcel van stopped there by accident, fully aware of the demonstration that would be unfolding inside while he gently munched on his 'cornmeat on white.'
   Max is in the pic below, sunning himself and keeping the backyard bird free!! But the photo of the week is from a traffic queue when I was taking him to 'Dog Overboard' and he climbed to the window and started barking and growling at the postie who was around the corner of that fence changing bags at one of their green spare bag boxes... all Max saw was the top of his helmet and the yellow workplace safety flag and he was off.... well spotted Max!!

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