Monday, October 06, 2014

Rocktober #06 "Cool World" Mondo Rock

   I don't really like "Eagle Rock" as a song, I get that the band were a huge breakout and talented and reflected the values of the age, but if I need a song to connect me with Australia, that isn't it... This always kind of effected my view of Ross Wilson so I had a struggle with Mondo Rock. A couple of their tunes were those songs you kept singing or hearing yet at the same time I relate them to lots of awkward parties and social occasions with friends where 'Come Said the Boy' would be on high rotation and everyone else would seemingly 'get the girl.' It was a quietly disappointing and lonely few years where these records seemed to be on at every house you went to... In that context 'Cool World' wasn't too bad.... Ross wrote pop that anyone could do and this song for me always sounded like a song 'Dragon' would have brought a better edge to... it was a ling time ago though so what would I know...

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