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NCYC 2011 on the Gold Coast Dec 29 - Jan 4

Our BS theme pic for the day!!

Later I'll blog about what my role has been but here's the 'prayer' our Bible Study Group contributed a line each to... it's a work in progress with possible changes from 'I' to 'we' a few everyday words and some different imaging of who God is to us relationally. But as I explianed to the group it could be our group prayer despite each only writing a line because even parts we might no agree with are there to 'bump up against and get us thinking' and allow us to express a belonging to a community on the journey!! Well done 'surfers' in Annand Theatre!!

‘Turn It Up’ NCYC ‘Surfing’ Bible Study Prayer 31st January 2010

God I pray
Your will be done in my life and through my life
Help me live your word and be passionate in doing so
I pray God will inspire me everyday in the things that I do
Help me find who I am to give me hope and visions
‘Be Thou our vision’
Love, all you need is love
God please help me maintain my faith and hope
God are you really there? How often I see/hear/feel you is very rare
Save me from myself please, save me from myself
Lord Give me thought and wisdom that I may join you where I belong
Light our path when it is dark “would you walk with me alone into the dark?”
Remind us you are always with us even as we lose our sight
Please let the sun shine bright and let all those living in darkness smile
May your light shine bringing light and hope for all
Lord, please help us to be patient in life, work, choices.
Love and prayer
Protect me and love me
Father please help me maintain the friends that I have
Lord give us grace and help us seek your face
Give us small signs of hope to keep us going
May we learn of God’s love for us and may it change the way we live
I pray that each and everyone grows closer to God in their own time and own way
In a way that allows them to grow in their faith

We thank you Lord, for the music, conversation and discussion that
helps us praise you and bring together those in community
Thankyou for friends and the community they bring with them
Lord , we thank you for all walks of life
Thankyou for the food we eat and the clothes we’re in
We pray for a good, peaceful and happy 2011 and a good end to 2010
Help us to make 2011 as good a year as 2010 was
Help us love more each day Lord we pray that each and everyone will experience NCYC Thankyou God for being here at the Gold Coast and for all the people we have met
That we turn it up!
In our church and NCYC
Thanks God for NCYC
Thankyou for everything you’ve done for us and all the opportunities we have
Thankyou for walking with us as I cannot do this alone
Thankyou for your forgiveness and unconditional love
Thankyou for those who bring us fun, entertainment and companionship
Be with those who have lost loved ones
Lord helps us to do justice in your world
Lord I pray for the safety of my family and friends
Blessed are the foster and orphaned children
I pray for all sick and homeless people throughout Australia and the world
For poverty
Let there be love across all barriers
We pray that we can grow as a community of faith, influencing and growing with each other. Amen.

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