Tuesday, January 04, 2011

NCYC Bible Study 29 Dec- 4 Jan 2011 SURFING in the Annand Theatre

DAY ONE: How We Tune Into God Beatitudes Matt 5: 1-12
Pre session Si Smith's 'Beatitudes' video looped [from Proost UK]
Then 5 min Countdown Video

Opening Song Clip 'Burn Your Name' Powderfinger found here
Welcome and Introductions
What we're doing this week...
Explain the response/Q&A box/Murray the Red Wiggle etc

Talk #01 'This is am amazing book........'
- Describing scripture as unique, inspired, to an audience,
into and out of a culture so needing 'interpretation'
CLIP from BBC Show 'Rev.' when the evangelicals take over and the Rev argues
'faith needs to encounter doubt...' and about not barring anyone from the church

- Talked about 'thin places' where God's activity in the world is 'touchable'
- Talked about 'getting in tune with God'
- we're asked to 'Turn It Up'... turn up what?

CLIP 'Reality Bites' 'turn that up please Sir, you won't be sorry!' here

- Talked about how we might understand God and try to connect our story to God's story

Brief intro to NOOMA 'Rythm'
CLIP 'Rythm' about getting into tune.... download it here
+5 min discussion with neighbours
Bible Reading Matt 5: 1-12 [2 voices] MILK CRATES….

CLIP ‘Monty Python Sermon on the Mount’ edit version of this

'Blessed are the cheesemakers...

Bible Factoid #01 a character from the time
CLIP U2 ‘Wave of Sorrow’ Union Chapel on a phone

- Not a wall poster verse, but a vision of something real and different…
- ‘Beatitudes Plan Be Intro’ clip [scrapped for time]

TALK #02 The ‘Beatitudes Plan Be’ There’s a vision of a world where all are equal…
- not platitudes but a pic of hoped for future
- JC location re those on the edges
- the K of G thru joining God’s activity in the world

Group Graffiti Wall
Modern beatitudes/anti-beatitudes
Crayons and newsprint on newsprint…..
Play background clips lower volume
“Something in the Water” Brooke Fraser
“I Found God” The Fray
“Anthem” TIDDAS

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