Monday, January 17, 2011

'The Green Hornet' Movie

That was quick... woo hoo... I hope it's worth the wait as Seth Rogan was trimmed down and talking up this film more than 12 months ago!! Check out the Teaser and Trailers here at the Oz website. Hollywood loves redemption story and this one looks entertaining in an escapist Cameron Diaz kind of way!!

Sadly it was rubbish!! A bit of escapist fun but a great example of how they musn't know how it's going to shape up as they're making it e.g. they wouldn't have been sure of the warmth and humour of 'Ironman' as they made it. On the other hand my mantra has always been 'good scripts make good films' and this is true even in the most action oriented or comedy filled examples... here 'The Green Hornet' also falls short and Seth Rogan is stilted and clunky in his delivery... 2 out of 5!!

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