Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Family Stick Figure Stickers

Following the frangipani fad the latest stickers on the rear windscreens of cars in this part of the world are the family of stick figures. You can choose different characters pursuing their hobbies and interests and build up the family set by ordering from various websites and now the local newsagent. What's it about?
I actually like the artistic style, the fact there are choices/variety and they don't look too bad except now I've identified it as a trend I can't possibly participate...
So, my theory is they are like social media and Christmas lights in the way they communicate information about us into the community we're part of without us having to say anything or go out of our comfort zone to speak to or connect with others. Are they a substitute in the era where many no longer really know their neighbours... are we personifying a consumer item in the family motor vehicle, are we emphasising difference? Hmmnn I will have to ask a few people at the local newsagent as they browse the poster. I wonder how long it will last?
Of course read a little more on the 'interweb thingy' and you'll read about:
- an attempt at individuality ending up being another fad
- fears about people 'knowing stuff about you' [you can get names etc]
- others saying 'live and let live'
- requests for the 'Daddy ran away with another woman' sticker, the goth or the kids with a red circle and line thru it
- And then there's the anti-version....

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