Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last Minute Christmas Worship Ideas

1. Choose photos from this week or months news and print them on A4 translucent paper [from art/craft shop or some newsagents]. Circle and tape the paper and place the cylinder over candles [even advent wreath candles] checking thy won't catch fire and use these images as a focus for prayers of different kinds and especially for the world

2. ABC 702 Radio Listener/Comp Winners versions of Christmas Carols on 2 CDs from the mid 2000s

3. Choose one or more of your favourite songs with a Christmas connection and use it for a reflection with photos from around your country or issues and happenings at this time of year e.g. I would choose 'Peace on Earth' U2

4. Download or use the 'Digital History of the Nativity' here

5. Place newspaper and a Bible on a focus table and comment on their informing of your worship, prayers and lives

6. Ask people to share 'what Christmas means to you' having run out into the streets today to film a vox pop video of just that question and answers from people in your community or even use the heaps of examples you'll find here

7. Advent Conspiracy
It's too late by now but this one could provide sobering reflections for next year by accessing the competition entries for this US initiative here

8. Make paper chain decorations mixing red and green paper or christmas paper with newspaper for a tree in the worship space used for your 'Reverse or Upside Down Christmas' where people bring non perishable food or tagged gifts for children to be given to community charities or known families

9. 'One Word Prayer of Thanks' invites people to call out aloud or think to themselves 'one' word summing up their thankfulness

10. Ask missional questions around the scripture about who/what it calls us to be? how it changes our lives or focus? where Christ is in our community in the light of.... etc

OK, there you go, last minute creators like myself!! Hope that saves you an hour on Christmas Eve!!

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