Saturday, March 15, 2014

LENT Photo #10 'Bread'

   A Sunday morning sourdough toast is one of life's simple joys... the crunchy crust and fresh centre soak up butter and go well with jams or vegemite but it's also best enjoyed in company!! For me it's a symbol of life, hospitality and artisan creativity... sourdough is not easy to make, but the results are stunning!!
   'Bread' is Peter Reinhart's specialty and his TED Talk is a stunning encapsulation of the processes and organic change that takes place, expressed with passion here
   LENT is traditionally about 'giving up' where that creates opportunity for focus on God... people should choose that if it's helpful BUT I do prefer to think about FOCUS, whether on plenty or not much... I'd rather use time to connect with people, to share meals, to enjoy simple conversation and listening!! It's about breaking bread!!

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