Thursday, March 13, 2014

LENT Photo #08 'Walk'

   This is one of series of images from a 'Stations' of the Cross or Easter focused public art installation. It was the inspiration for the Easter Walk I put together last year for Good Friday in Scone. I have since often thought about building stand alone timber frames with heavyish bases that could be placed around the city of Newcastle [probably with Council permission but asking them to keep quiet about it, or not asking]
   In that project they'd need to be things I never needed back and it would be a bonus if things did remain... maybe 2015? Anyhow, this seems to me a creative, communal, positive and engaging way to share the story and it could also be done via shop windows where you 'bomb' the area with map guides and liturgy but have permission for the installations... small country towns would do well with this and even a deserted street on a Good FRiday Public holiday might work as a 'walk' for the faithful... all I know is that without the most remarkable Easter Camp experiences now I and many others lack something in our restorative and challenging spirit as to how to gain fuel for our journey.
   For me the gospel is a simple affair that God is love and knows 'everyone has a story and every story is worth hearing'... the task of disciple makers is by far and away to invite others on that journey of following so that anything in our lives which is not fuelled by and connected to that relationship with Christ has the potential to be shaped, corrected, informed and challenged. Using a 'bullhorn' is just as ineffective as ignoring issues or allowing people to interpret their faith through an individualistic lens... It really is about the journey... the WALK

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