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Presbytery Worship 24.2.15 So far...

First Link is the source of the Pastoral Prayer shared by Warwick for Sue and Trevor
"All Desires Known" Janet Morley from here in third edition now...

This now reflects aspects of the worship we shared, as it happened, where originally this post was 'the plan'... it mostly went as I'd hoped except a few explanations expanded a little where simple was good. I knew it would be a test to use music clips for a number of aspects but the idea is to provide wallpaper or mood to an activity and to do more than spoken words can offer... but there is a generational factor there around what people are used to... how does God 'hear us' when we write or stick... the true task is, how do pray by writing or sticking or reflecting or listening... God will hear it regardless!!

1. SONG “Hope” Jack Carty here
She works real hard and pays her bills
She try’s to improve on what she builds
She takes the hits and bears the pain
When life is hard laughing in her face
Hope don’t leave when she needs you
Please don’t run away too far too soon
When all is dark inside her room you’re the one she holds onto
Some get luck and a fast track there
And some are happy just where they are
But oh, I feel that there’s more to me
But the dealer won’t count the cards up my sleeve
Hope don’t leave when I need you
Please don’t run away too far too soon
When all is dark inside my room you’re the one I hold onto 
You’re a temptress but I know your kind.
You whisper softly “you’ll make it if you try”
And every time I fall I curse your name
But I love you so I hope you’ll stay
Stupid girl you cannot win
It’s a rough and ruthless world we’re in
But oh I know it’s beautiful to jump from ledges
When you know you’ll fall
Hope don’t leave when we need you.
Please don’t run away too far too soon.
When all is dark inside our rooms you’re the one we hold onto

But the song is chosen because given a theme of hope, it's quite a desperate story, a lament and hopeful it conveys a sense that hope might be all this person has...

2. ‘Good News’ 
"Mark Chapter 1 says it,
“The beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God”
The good news has a person, a relationship, an invitation.
The good news always has an address, a place, a time, an offering of hope.

But how is the good news heard?
What is good news to Angela the single mum trying to get kids to school?
What is good news for Jack the farmer waiting literally years for rain?
To the bloke who apprentices to an electrician, likes a punt and a beer?
To the young girl Julie, who gets bullied mercilessly every day at school?
What is good news to Vince,
the aboriginal man who always seems to be served last at the newsagent?
Or to Viktor, the Congolese office manager, now driving cabs on the night shift?

The good news is, the rule and reign of Heaven breaks into the here and now.
What does it mean today, ‘to fish for people’?
What gifts and skills do we bring and with whom will we collaborate?
How can we hear where God is speaking and acting at the very edges of our community?
What if God is only speaking at the very edges of our community?
How are we the church for God’s mission in this time and place?
Let’s worship God...

3. HYMN TiS 179 “Praise with Joy” John Bell Graham Maule

We acknowledge the Worimi people who share a special relationship with this land
and pay our respects to their elders past, present and future,
Being HERE we are reminded of the missions established in this area and around Karuah
[We take a moment to listen and reflect thanks to Mick the Didge, from Newcastle University]
This was a youtube clip at 6mins, taking 1min + and converted to mp3 audio only]

We are ALL welcome in this place,
But any NEW representatives to the Presbytery Meeting,
[whether new or returning are especially welcome…
...Would those ‘in the know’ please introduce any new members of Presbytery to us ______
We welcome you all to the task of using your gifts to discern a focus and direction,
for mission and ministry within the wider Hunter Region…
ould those ‘in the know’ please introduce any new members of Presbytery to us ______

Tonight, what is your prayer? What is your prayer for the Uniting Church?
What is your prayer for the people in your community, those you can name or not?
We include in our prayers:
- ________________
- ________________
- ________________

Write your prayer on the cut out, in groups of 3-4 share something from it, then bring it to stick
on the cloth we have [4] minutes to do all those things 
Play “Sky Full of Stars” Coldplay at background volume, turn up at end here

6. STORYBOOK“A Bus Called Heaven” Bob Graham available here
Images onscreen

7. HOLY MOLY "Calling Disciples" edit to 1min 50 available here

8. READING: Mark 1: 14-20 Jesus Calls the First Disciples 
[1] I wonder did these fishermen already know Jesus when he called them?
[2] I wonder what Jesus meant when he said, "I will make you 'fish for people"?
[3] I wonder if all this happened on the same day?
[4] I wonder what it means that with casting or drift nets you would catch any and all types of fish?
[5] I wonder what it means to follow Jesus today? I wonder what nets we need to mend?

SONG with Intro as PRAYER 4mins
This is ‘The Bus Called Heaven’ while reflecting on this song by Malcolm Gordon from NZ,
Come and use a texta to write your prayers and hopes for refugees and asylum seekers and others in need across our planet, who are on your mind tonight,
you have the 4mins of the song to come and write!!

mention the 2nd “Songwrite” national gathering 12-14 June 2015 Adelaide
Available for download via here including lyrics to copy and paste

Offered by Chairperson Warwick...

9.26pm… if time allows   TIME WAS UP
This might be a metaphor for the kind of collaboration required, the eclectic gifts needed
for the future forms of church and where they might be found…

"SIGNAL STRENGTH" first NYC wifi orchestra here

Of course to use the youtube clips you need to download them yourself, book me in at your congregation/community to teach a lesson in how to do that... 

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