Friday, February 20, 2015


So, how often do you get the chance to say a huge "thank you" to your musical heroes...
The bi-line of Hirst/Moginie is all over the music of 'Midnight Oil' [the name drawn out of a hat] that perfectly describes the energy and vibe of this unique Australian band. 
A band who cut their teeth touring the east coast of Australia honing their craft and building an audience so that when 'Diesel & Dust' went berserk internationally there was no one at Newcastle Workers Club that was surprised!!
   I spent 15 or 20 mins talking to Jim about 10,9,8... and just told Rob Hirst about feeling ten feet tall and walking on air after any of the live gigs when I'd seen the Oils.... The 'Curators Tour' at the Museum went for 1hr 40 today plus pics and signatures in a generous walk through of what really is a fascinating exhibit. I still think my fav. from manly and here are the hand written lyrics and original musical scores for my fav. songs... little pieces of history scribbled on hotel stationary and drink coasters!! I really am glad I emailed the Museum before the Manly exhibit was open to say "you have to get this here in Newcastle"!! I used up too much time to ask Rob what it was like to play Letterman in the US, next time I guess!!

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