Saturday, February 21, 2015

'Good News' ?

‘Good News’ Liturgy
Mark Chapter 1 says it,
“The beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God”
The good news has a person, a relationship, an invitation.
The good news always has an address, a place, a time, an offering of hope.

But how is the good news heard?
What is good news to Angela the single mum trying to get kids to school?
What is good news for Jack the farmer waiting years for rain?
To the bloke who apprentices to an electrician, likes a punt and a beer?
To the young girl Julie, who gets bullied mercilessly every day at school?
What is good news to Vince, the aboriginal man always served last at the newsagent?
Or to Viktor, the Congolese office manager, now driving cabs on the night shift?

The good news is, the rule and reign of Heaven breaks into the here and now.
What does it mean today, ‘to fish for people’?
What gifts and skills do we bring and with whom will we collaborate?
How can we hear where God is speaking and acting at the very edges of our community?
How are we the church for God’s mission in this time and place?

Let’s worship God...

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