Monday, August 04, 2014

PHOTO of the Week: The Waratahs 2014 Super 15 Champions

   In some ways these championship photos with the streamer canons are awfully choreographed photos BUT this one does represent a team that's done some tough times in recent years. Just when they were renegotiating a Stadium deal to take Brumbies and Reds games to Homebush [as demanded by fans] their form faded and it became a ridiculous waste...
   I was one of only 12,000 fans that turned up to a game last year BUT they have triumphed over the Brumbies and the Crusaders in these Finals to claim the title for the first time in 19 years!! It's a testament to the coach Michael Cheika and what he's asked of the players and it's a sign that they might finally be getting that they need to come together as a team to make this thing work!!
   The Final was a ripper because they 'came out of the blocks' well and the Crusaders had to run them down... they did but fell to a penalty against Richie McCaw who is renowned for playing on the edge of the rules and for being favoured by Refs caught up in how good he is at competing for the ball!!
   This is a team that's had hard work instilled into it and they've broken lots of moulds this year...

Champions of March
Loser to lowly teams from South Africa
Unable to win in South Africa
Softer than Kiwi teams
Can't find a way to win close matches
Reliant on Israel Folau
Final Runners Up

Well done Tahs!!

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