Thursday, August 07, 2014

National Day of Mourning for the Victims of the shooting down of MH17

   What's the most appropriate way for a nation to mark the grief and the loss experienced in such a tragedy as the shooting down of a passenger jet airliner? Taking a flight path over the Ukraine this aircraft was filled with holidaymakers and travellers of all ages... siblings, children, parents and grandparents... who leave behind stunned families and their immeasurable grief. There are also those who were on their way to an International AIDS Research Conference. As someone said "there was a potential cure onboard that plane."
   I'm no fan of political leadership on this occasion and talk of "Bringing them Home" is unsettling at best. That said, it's important for people to know that the search and recovery teams can get in and do a proper site investigation and the return of human remains.
  Knowing of a directly effected family and community of faith only serves to deepen my sense of of this tragedy... a devastating loss indeed!! I suppose a national day that invites people to 'stop' to identify with the story and to pray as they are able, is a good thing to do... with space for different people's way of dealing with things...

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