Sunday, August 31, 2014

PHOTO of the Week: Lap Swimming

   I calculated that as lap swimming was one pursuit I needed to 'give up' to be able to get the recent Weekend OUT planned and executed, I missed approx 500 laps of the pool... the problem was the small 'window' of time the pool has max. lanes available during the day... in warmer months that's from 9.30am on but at the Forum this winter 11.30am or 1pm have been the optimum times...  this matters as I do freestyle one way and breaststroke the other and therefore am immediately 'in the way' of faster swimmers... I could have kept at this if I wanted to take the middle out of the day every second day.... I was also very tired and just staving off a sore throat, so it was an energy preserving break!! Went back this week and really struggled to get rolling but knocked over 22 laps at first go... Three times a week is the idea... here's hoping!! Outdoors in about 2 weeks I reckon!!

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