Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lent 4a The Blind Man Charlestown UCA

So here's what I've sorted out for worship this Sunday night as an attempt to explore the breadth of John 9: 1-41 The Blind Man and it's broad themes related to 1 Samuel, Psalm 23 and Ephesians 5.

I'm responsible for the 'preaching' so we'll have a 2 minute intro and then loop "Gurrumul History [I Was Born Blind]" by Geoffrey Gurrumul from his solo album [that'll be 10-11mins] to then explore five 'stations' cracking open the themes.

Light/Dark Seeing/Blind Faith/Unfaith

Station #01
John 9: 1-41
Exploring the Bible story with some discussion questions
The story will be blown up onto A2 with highlights, arrows and notes [yet to be done]

Station #02
Handout Sheet to read and sketchbook for responses or questions [as above in jpeg form]

Station #03
Lament/Lent or wooden bowl with ash/muddy paper
The paper will have words written and sitting in the bowl
This Bible story comes in the fourth week of Lent, the time of focus and preparation for Easter
Inviting reflection

Station #04
“Gurrumul History [I Was Born Blind]” lyrics
A world inviting us to see... as you listen

Station #05
Shoeboxes with pinholes
Pictures with light
What do you see, what does this image have to do with mud, light?

Some will involve cloth and tables or easels and corflute around the space...

I'm still designing these as suggested and kindly resourced by egroup participant Megan T
I am thinking of an image in the end of the box, a pinhole in the other and a small LED light in each angled to invite the viewer into the image. The images will reflect on blindness, light, mud and faith... no I haven't finailsed them all and think you'd be best to choose your own images if you felt inspired at midnight on Saturday to have a stab at this... mayne one image will feature here by the time I've finished this post...

Gurrumul History [I Was Born Blind]
I was born blind, and I don't know why
God knows why, because he loves me so
as I grew up my spirit knew
then I learnt to read the world of destruction
united we stand, divided we fall
together we'll stand in solidarity

Ŋarranydja dhuwala
Batumaŋ ŋarranydja dhuwala
Djarrami ŋarranydja dhuwala
Djeŋarra' ŋarranydja dhuwala
Gurrumulŋa m..m

I heard my mama, and my papa crying their hearts
in confusion how can I walk?
Straight and tall in society
please hold my hand
trying to bridge and build
Yolŋu culture
I've been to New York
I've been to LA
I've been to London

ŋarranydja Gurrumul
United we stand, divided we fall
Together we'll stand, in solidarity
Ŋarranydja dhuwala
Barrupa ŋarranydja dhuwala
Dhukuḻuḻ ŋarranydja dhuwala
Maralitja ŋarranydja dhuwala
Y..e, wo wäŋawu Garrapala Dhamutjpirr, Dhamuŋura
(english) I am Batumaŋ (ancestor)
I am Djarrami (ancestor)
I am Djeŋarra' I am Gurrumulŋa (ancestor) m..m
I am Gurrumul I am Barrupa (my ḻikan)
I am Dhukuḻuḻ (my ḻikan)
I am Maralitja (my ḻikan)
I am Ŋunbuŋunbu (my ancestor)
Y.e wo of the country
GarrapalaDhamutjpirr, Dhamuŋura

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