Thursday, March 31, 2011

Art Express Art Gallery of NSW 2011

I got there! Yesterday I put one more tick against my Sydney 2011 'bucketlist' and spent 45mins engaging with the collection of chosen works from Year 12 HSC students in NSW for 2010... there are some remarkably talented artists of that age around.
I went in with renewed thoughts about 'curation of worship' and curation generally in mind and enjoyed the mix of: painting; video loops; sculpture; photography; textiles; 3D depictions and the sophistication of the materials used.
There were piles of wool which had been used in images, a doorway mirror which had been placed all over Sydney for still pictures but the visual diary was included below it and incorporated the parking ticket for the necessary 4WD parking illegally outside the gallery for that shot within the piece. Bill Viola inspired one video loop through the image of the creation of light in Genesis.
I loved a bush image on a huge canvas with the front 2cm of two timber desk drawers and a collection of stuff poking out the top of the drawers.
Various collections travel regionally so see how far away the collections are here
Visual Diaries and other explanations can be found through the excellent 'Inside Art Express' website here.

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