Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Great Escape Festival, Newington Armoury

With Sigur Ros now announced to join Silverchair, Bernard Fanning etc this new festival is sounding HUGE!! There's the river, artspace, drama and lots of other espects of festival life beyond music.
The innovative site is at the back of the Sydney Olympic site on a former armoury. The Festival includes Camping and Day Visit tickets. [$200 the weekend $70 for single days].

I mention it because colleague [Darren] had talked in the lead up to a previous Easter about the idea of camping with a group of young adults at 'The East Coast Blues and Roots Festival'. The idea would be to breakfast and spend a relaxed morning together in community for worship, discussion, reflection, action of being mindful or Easter and of your experience of the weekend at hand... great idea in theory!! A great context to explore the life and faith issues for this age group ina very typical activity!!

The Great Escape opens up a Sydney opportunity where no UCA regional Easter Camp exists and many of the performers plan to hop between both Festivals!!

Someone should do something about this idea!!
April 14-16 2006

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