Thursday, January 12, 2006

2006 What to Look Forward To

Just a few reminders of whats ahead culturally and newswise for 2006:

[3] State Elections here in Australia with Labor favoured all round
In March John Howard will celebrate 10 years as PM [he appears not to be done yet]
The sale of T3 Telstra
Continued dabbling in the social agenda by the Feds e.g. RU486, divorce rate, education

"Kangaroo" the young danish bub will be christened on 21 January
Feb/March Verdicts against the "Bali Nine"
5 March Clean Up Australia Day [get involved at a local key site]
28 April 10th anniversary of the Port Arthur massacre carried out by Martin Bryant
11 September 5th anniversary of the World Trade Centre and Pentagon attacks plus Flight 93
19 October hsc exams begin in NSW

24 January Commonwealth Games Baton Relay
10 February Rugby Super 14 Kicks Off
10-26 February Winter Olympics [more re-runs of Stephen Bradbury's amazing win!!]
15-26 March Commonwelth Games in Melbourne [yawn!!]
9 June to 9 July World Cup Football from Germany
June-September International Rugby
10/11 v England [Sydney]
17 v England [Melbourne]
24 v Ireland [Perth]
8 v All Blacks [Christchurch]
15 v South Africa [Brisbane]
29 v All Blacks [Brisbane]
5 v South Africa [Sydney]
19/20 v All Blacks [Auckland]
v South Africa [vtbc]

23 September AFL Grand Final [tbc]
1 October NRL Grand Final

7 November Melbourne Cup
Nov-Jan The ASHES

January/February various Open Air/Outdoor Cinemas in Parks etc around the country
personal favourite is the OpenAir at Mrs Macquarie's Chair on Sydney Harbour [have been attending since it began]
16 January Golden Globe Awards
February TV ratings return
5 March The 78th Academy Awards [Oscars]
31 March Small Irish Folk Group touring Oz [U2]
14-16 April The Great Escape Festival and East Coast Blues and Roots
18 May international release of "The Da Vinci Code" film by Spielberg starring Uncle Tom
26 June Coldplay hit Sydney
October ARIAs 20th anniversary though little know Oz band from Sydney's northern beaches may be inducted into Hall Of Fame at second annual Dinner to be possibly held in March this year [Midnight Oil]

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