Monday, December 07, 2015

U2 Live on return to Paris

I'm still a bit amazed that as an afterthought this morning I remembered the time difference would mean if U2 were anywhere in the internet I may have been able to see a downloaded video clip of their postponed Paris concert. So I find 'meerkat' with a live stream from the other side of the world, standing on the floor watching the concert and live streaming from their mobile phone. Then a 'Facebook friend' from the UK reminds me of Periscope app on my mobile and as I am at home on wifi I find the global live broadcast map and tap on Paris to discover a high quality [and therefore almost certainly official] live broadcast up close of the band on stage for the final few songs of their 'Innocence and Experience" Concert. It will be on again tomorrow morning our time and will be live on HBO. This may mean it's not on periscope.
The upshot is I live in a way in which someone standing in a live rock concert in France allows me to watch the concert live through their mobile device... amazing!! The big screen will be worth the tix prices if U2 ever announce an Asian Australasian leg of the Tour [second half of 2016 or early 2017]!!

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