Thursday, October 22, 2015


Here are the first 'spoils' from a generous leaving gift from the Upper Hunter UCAs!!
More to follow and a couple of other resources too...

Poetic as I know many wondered 'why' these stories... simple really though, they are thematically related, draw in little who won't get the central story anyhow, are not for every week and take seriously that they are stories, not just kids stories!! That's where I come from anyhow!!

Take these examples:
Rules of Summer'how things are and work' and whether the rules hold or what happens if you live them upside down
'Noah Dreary' about being happy, relationships, hopes and stuff that happens in life, like many characters we read
'Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley'about friendship, authenticity and difference
'To This Day' Shane Koyczan translating his performance poem into a book for older youth about bullying
...'Zacchaeus' anyone?

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