Friday, June 12, 2015

"This time of Year"!!

   It's fair to say I can't stand this time of year!! It's cold this year. I spend weeks just on the edge of an tiredness induced sore throat [just the normal tiredness of life]. I don't get the exercise I need as it feels like that will just crash me over the edge of a throat bug or general illness. Work is too busy and although it's within my grip to simply organise and take a week off it's not quite that simple with the schedule of events that are beyond my control but within my brief. I do try to change the one thing under my control... getting to bed earlier... but that doesn't mean getting to sleep earlier.
   Hey that aside I'm generally doing OK... I just need the leg stretching swims or rides on the bike to feel the deprivation of counting kilojoules is worth it!! These are the times I miss the 4 or 5pm "knock off time" bell which never chimes in a ministry vocation. I haven't had that experience since 1986. Instead you need your own self disciplined structures for time out, while it's hard to switch your brain off... hence looking forward to a fun night of combined youth tonight and a brief time at Wanderers tomorrow before heading to watch QLD try to spoil NSW party in the Super 15 rung union in Sydney!!
   Lastly, it must sometimes be pure bliss to go through life not giving a toss what people think of what you say or how they respond, to not really listen to what's been said but just go with face value. Actually giving a damn is exhausting... so today I sit in a cafe, having a small breakfast, two coffees and writing emails, notes, doing work on the Mac and occasionally stopping to read the papers in 'introvert' heaven. This cafe [name undisclosed] is not over popular in the daytime and is quite spacious and the staff just check in and leave you be. It's just like a less popular swimming pool that you want to have lanes free but might have to close if more people don't patronise it!! Keep turning up for lunch people!!! It has water view and a cosy corner to do 2-3 hours work in the warmth. Ah, the serenity!! Next I just need to make requests on the "musak" and all will be right with the world!!

OK, rant over... happy now... just needed to remind myself of the bits of that I make choices about and that this job is brilliant considering I can choose to work in this way!! I will get to a movie next week, something ridiculous, then Origin at the Pub, three days of exercise and a 'Tall Tales' night at rugby... all good!!

   In the middle of this I'm trying to discern my future work beyond 2015 and need to carve out time today to do some 'intuiting'... not even a word I know!! It's all about the questions!!

   On the other hand I played a very small role [genuinely] in the design and early work on daughter number two's school project these last 2 weeks!! Taken in today for presentation with documents and balsa wood model!! She was very excited and took a one page outline, a drawing on 4 pages, internet research and a two sided collage of work photos of the project in progress!! Thank God for hot glue guns!!

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