Thursday, June 11, 2015

"LIFEgig" a brilliantly simple thing done well!!

I hope this soundcloud link is still working if you're reading here...
thanks for the upload Jill Emberson!!

   I so often find myself listening to 'old man radio' 1233ABC in Newcastle and stories of community, life, characters and spaces that we seem incapable of dreaming into being in too many of our church communities. To be fair the world shifted the goal posts in a 1 in 500 years way and we are just taking our own damn time to work it all out. Before people charge off and organise these in the back courtyard at church, listen to the learnings, the ethos and the kairos of this story... Listen to how this is 'not' church and see if you can't learn what's here to learn without pirating the idea to a different cause!!

It reminds me:
- people in neighbourhoods will respond to genuine community
- the inherent values here are crucial to how it works organically [right down to cloth serviettes]
- it isn't church but is it surprising it involves 'the work of the people' and intentional story
- it both inspires and terrifies me
- to resist the temptation to run a pale version but to stay tuned into how the values could be lived out in another community or communities
- share the story so people are similarly inspired/challenged

   For those wondering, the backyard gig is in Tighes Hill. Tighes Hill, Maryville and Islington in Newcastle are very much BHP suburbs. A background as working class areas on the edges of the imposing Steelworks Plant at the bottom of the hill. They are nestled between the industry and the inner city. The area is seeing renovation, change and many people moving into affordably rebuilt or renovated property. Through art, endeavour, community, schools, refugee welcome movements and a sense that the area can be a hub of creativity, there are a few different sign of life lived differently in an otherwise still struggling area.
   Welcome BBQs, revitalised parks, waterway, cycleway, community gatherings at Pinkerton Furniture, craft beer pubs, music, art etc are all breaking out in different ways in the area... that's part of the LIFEgig context for sure.

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