Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Easter 'Stations' at Adamstown

   As my rugby mates might say, my 'churchy type friends' might be interested to know about the 'Stations' for Reflection [put together by Bronwyn and Max Grieve] that were at Adamstown UC tonight from 5pm to [I think] 10pm!!
   I had a plan to do something similar for last Sunday, in a very different space, but until a few weeks ago the Palm Sunday Peace events for Asylum Seekers and Refugees timing was a bit hard to nail down... so I held off despite having outlines for about 6-8 'stations' with soundtracks, tactile activities and a labyrinth. In the end I just intuitively felt it wasn't the right time... next 5th Sunday look out...

   So I was glad I hadn't because I only recently learnt of this option... a simple way to make up for what will most certainly be lacking from my weekend, without an Easter Camp to attend!!

   The Stations were simple but clever and like those things always are, if you take your time and accept the invitation offered, they can be quite moving... it evoked lots of Easter memories for me, including the Riverina one at Talbingo in the old movie theatre.

1. There was an opportunity to write about and set fire to what holds you back
2. A chance to take a look and taste at what is good, with chocolate and a mirror
3. A Last Supper of green cordial, breads and the odour of lamb [?] cooking in a fry pan at a table
4. What does the cross mean to you, post it note responses
5. A chance to sit and reflect in the 'tomb', to light a candle, to hear the tears of grief
This was the most elaborate and moving space
6. Bob Dylan and some pastels for wall art was my second favourite option where I drew on 'Yahweh' U2 to draw shoes, a shirt and some hands
7. The Celebration was a well set out foyer 'party space' where you could read the story
8. A mandala to draw and an egg to put it in

I should have gone back to the 3rd and 5th 'stations'...

Bronwyn and Max put together a varied tactile, reflective, story based simplicity... because the story should tell itself... I was glad I spent the time...

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