Friday, March 06, 2015

Young People "It's not rocket science" !!!

Here's a 'work in progress':

  • Youth or adolescence is a not a 'mental illness', literally the bloke who made the term popular thought that...
  • Don't try to manipulate young people to be or do anything, they have good 'crap detectors'
  • 'Place sharing' is a way of thinking about building authentic relationships...being in that place, 'getting to know' others because that's who we are and just trying to live life
  • Share an invitation and practice radical hospitality in both words and actions
  • Listen seeking understanding
  • Leadership is about serving through your gifts
  • Seek to be a just and inclusive community who know they fail but try to be honest
  • Ask 'grounded questions' of yourself and others
  • Your call is to invite others to 'follow' Jesus
  • Ask 'How, if at all, will the good news be heard?'
  • Your experience and beliefs are not everyone's
  • Ideas, ethos, beliefs or doctrines are no substitute for a relationship seeking understanding with demonstrated action out of a genuine desire to live well
  • Young people have ability to 'make meaning' of big stories
  • Questions and doubt are what faith is all about
  • Do you understand what experiences, participation, stories/images and sense of connectedness people are seeking or might respond to?
  • Be contributors, collaborators and culture makers, not users or consumers
  • Times of change and common community transitions are worth marking and celebrating with young people
  • Living and sharing intentionally in community [with reflection and worship at it's heart] will help you discover Jesus identity
  • This is my tentative working list that needs practice, review. adaptation and not to take itself too seriously

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