Sunday, March 15, 2015

"All Age" Worship at Merewether 15th March 2015

    In my spare moments this week in between hosting workshops, writing up notes and planning what's next I was able to get to some plans we made for Merewether this morning. I'm spending some time trying to help locals think through engagement of 'all ages' on the third Sunday morning of the month... I spent some time talking with the kids 2 weeks ago and the families have all worked on things that came to fruition today but which took time to shape and to know exactly what they would all bring to the day...
   This is never easy with a wide age range and some fairly traditional worship on the other Sundays. All age doesn't mean 'doing it for the kids' but it is important that it does change things. Those planning and leading have done good work on music, the space, ways for kids to do hands on drawing and activity and are open to ideas that might extend that. 
   I was involved today and will be again in June and in the interim we have a chance to talk and continue to expand imaginations... it has to be an experiment and it has to create a sense that everyone belongs and is included 'somewhere' in the worship. It does mean moving away from words a bit more [oh, and it's definitely NOT my strength with this age group of kids, but that's who we are so...]
I have some photos but it's difficult to show all we did with kids in photos!!
 The writer of John would have been aware of the connecting of Jesus death and resurrection but was far more interested in how Jesus being 'lifted up' was as an example of what it means to live in the light. 
Jesus ‘saving’ of us was the invitation to embrace the love of God. That’s what Jesus brings to light…              How does love bring life? What does it mean to be saved? 
What does living in the light look like? I wonder...

The point is we seem to get in a knot about 'what the gospel is', I'm right there with even the most conservative definition of that but asking the question 'how will the good news be heard/seen/thought about today, in today's context, by people not interested in any idea. doctrine, belief... so a focus on being part of a community living it out is the place to begin and finding how God is present and active beyond that community makes sure we are hearing God's call now and being transformed into the people God calls us to be today... mind you that was a few thought starters only with permission to wonder...

Look... here's what we did today and it was mostly good, the point was more that these 'kinds of things' can be done...

Worship Order Merewether 9am Sunday 15th March
Pre worship Handout LEGO pieces and A4 sheets to each

1. Opening Words
We are about to begin. This last two weeks and TODAY we have been experimenting.
This is not a concert, not a craft club, not a school. This is our worship.
Yet here we will sing, speak, listen, share stories, create and respond.

2. Call to Worship
Look at the Lego bricks you’ve been given
What do you see? A few sharp edges, a few bumps
They fit together, but have you ever trodden on one in bare feet?
They might be the building blocks of our lives
When you join them together you begin to build a shape
When you join those with others they begin to shape community
When you think of one thing to say thanks to God for they become our prayer
You’re invited to join your LEGO bricks with others to make a shape

Take time to be aware that God knows us, hears us and is with us…
One person might bring each LEGO shape down here on the carpet at the front

3. Song TiS 474 “Gather Us In” led by singers and musicians

4. Procession with “Happy’ Pharrell Williams + procession of symbols/objects
These will be at the back of the space to brought out to the table to set our space
Bible, Jug of Water, Candle, 2 or 3 Coloured Cloths, Storytelling Box, Newspaper

5. Prayer Activity Take What You Need/Leave What You Don’t [“Bad” instrumental 4min mp3]
There will be a frame or board with coloured paper naming things worth having, you take one or two of those and write what you’d like to leave behind on a blank sheet and leave it behind…
"Bad" cover from this album 

6. Welcome/Sharing Stories

7. Movie Collage “Light, Life, Love” here clips [3min]
8. Prayer of Humility 
Using the book "Sorry" with two voices

9. Song God V1.0 
led by singers and musicians
10. Video Clip 'Numa Numa Guy"  here, chosen as someone happy in life

11. Bible Reading John 3: 14-21

12. Story [Godly Play]
‘The Great Pearl’ Matthew 13: 45-46
‘Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls; on finding one pearl of great value, he went and sold all that he had and bought it.

13. Response Time:
Reflection/Discussion + Drawing + Bible Reading + Photos + Chalkboard + ???
14. Song and Offering 
“Thankyou God for the Gift of Creation" led by the Girls
15. Announcements Local

16. Prayers for the World built as a Group
Newspaper, scissors, masking tape, glue stick, cardboard box, small world map, post it notes, black texta
Intergenerational groups will make the box into a symbol of your prayer…
Each group should end up with a box covered in newsprint
and world map with post it notes of prayers on it, for stacking at the front
Song “God of the Poor” mp3 here that we’ll listen to as we build/as our prayer…

17. Sending Out could include kids packing up symbols, but didn't

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