Monday, May 26, 2014

PHOTO of the Week "Midnight Oil"

   It has to be this image this week!! A rare photo from 'War & Peace' at Parramatta 1977 as the Oils kick start their name change and begin  journey that takes them around the world with a  truly unique punk surf rock sound and the skills of guitarists and drummer so nobody sounds like them [ever]!! I can only describe it as layers and a sped of guitar that often sounds like the drums are racing to keep up... when cover bands play their songs it doesn't sound the same... too in time and not enough intricacy!!
   Throw in the lead singer [who isn't a great singer but has 'something', to quote band members circa audition at Uni]... I was reminded of this photo yesterday as I listened to Matt Anslow talk about his music and the wonderful Heather Barnes introduce what her focus will be in 4 weeks at Expresso at Adamstown when it's her turn to play some tunes and talk about the place of music in her life...
   I was reminded firmly of how much music inspires and refuels me... and how transcendent live music can be, especially this unique band!! Railing against injustice, giving voice to the voiceless and resonating the Aussie bush backdrop!!
   I do hope to catch Jim working with Neil Murray at some stage and no doubt I'll make more than one visit to 'The Making of Midnight Oil' at Manly Museum which MUST travel to Newcastle!!

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