Monday, May 05, 2014

PHOTO of the Week "Lambton Pool"

   30 laps last week on May 1st and 2nd OUTDOORS, both the weather and the water have been very warm and I've mostly kept up my 4 trips/week for summer. With a week or two busy I think my next trip will be to the University indoors... and then next season who knows!! The Newcastle Council Inc. have sought expressions of interest to lease all 5 'inland pools' as privately run facilities. Less than 12 months ago the money was earmarked to turn Lambton into an indoor centre... that didn't eventuate....
   I know the Council has struggled for years with it's revenue base but the Pools, like Libraries [and just don't mention the Art Gallery] are part of the fabric of the community. By all means sell 'Royal Beresfield' Golf Club as although I love that it's a community facility and play there when I can, it's hardly an all age, all families, choice without other options!! Mayfield Pool is often home to family groups who from the age of their swimwear and clothes, are doing it tough, but must love the low cost option of a morning at the pool with the choice to BYO lunch and fill 2/3 of a day in a safe, fun activity!!
   The Pools are full in swimming season and especially for 4 weeks or so of Carnivals, then end of year lessons or even dive and rescue classes + water polo and birthday parties... the rest of the time it is great that you [with flexible work hours] and 3 or 4 others [up to 12 others at times] can find a lane/share a lane and do 45mins exercise where you shower/dry off and sit in the sun for 15mins all in the name of good health!!
   I visit Lambton, Mayfield and this season also Wallsend Pool and they are all friendly, professional staff, great facilities and a good sense of community pervades the space... all the best to the staff who frankly have no idea what the future holds!!

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