Saturday, September 11, 2010

What a Day September 11 [local time] 2010

I drove to Canberra today and it meant I heard almost all of the ABC radio sport celebration of ten years since Aussies triumph in the Sydney Olympics. What a gift ANC TV and radio are as government funded media... podcasts, iView, innovative programs commercial free!!
We were lucky enough to win tix in the lottery to be there on 25th September when Cathy Freeman won the 400m sprint race... the culmination of a massive career fro Comm Games, through World Championships and finally this pressure filled race...
It was amazing to listen to the reminiscing of Ian Thorpe, the tears from Susie O'Neill as she listened to her 200m freestyle win and reflected that she'd never adequately celebrated it as it overshadowed her missing out in the 200m butterfly [Madame Butterfly remember!!]
Then Natalie Cook and Kerri Pottharst as they spoke about the mental build up and surrounding themselves with 'gold' for months... there were many more highlights, all covered today!!
Then tonight it's the Rugby Union Wallabies v All Blacks... I made it to a TV but am really tired today... hope I don't fall asleep!! I don't want to miss the Old Boys Rugby Choir whose goal I applaud.... to see the anthem sung 'straight' without harmonies and vocal gymnastics... 10,000 facebook signatures agreeing it was time to do away with Idol runners up and talent school hopefuls doing their best Mariah Carey!! Good one boys!!

Then 12 months after the amazing vibe of the Sydney Olympics came 9/11 in the US and from about 10pm tonight local time most people would be able to recall 'where they were'...

The reflective pool near the twin towers footprint should be ready by next years tenth commemoration!!

More on these things in coming entries and days!!

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