Wednesday, November 15, 2006

U2's Third Show in Sydney

Well, I could have joined mate Foxy and friends inside the elipse tonight BUT was happy with getting a few things done during the day and getting a position infront of the wheelchair ramp and near the VIPs enclosure with reasonable undrunk punters around me!!

You know I've figured out some of my experience but I can say that the stage was too low... I am 6' 2" [in the old money] and could only just see half of each character over the crowd. The screen on the other hand was the full experience and the sound was way less echo-ing!!

What a remarkable band...
BUT I know its seems ridiculous given my still sore ears BUT it wasn't loud enough... I felt the whoosh of the bass in my ribs a couple of times and certainly couldn't fault the quality BUT songs like "Where the Streets Have No Name" [my fav.] should blow you away... it was great but it didn't knock me over... maybe I'm old and tired?

What I am glad of is that I went with no expectations... I did not pine for the experiences of previous times, I was open to what this show would be... still felt like a spectator at points... but across the two shows saw a band having fun, not sounding just like the CD by any means and even Bono completely losing the words to "Party Girl" was very funny... as ever the crowd could sing the refrain and get him back on track!!

What was great:
'Pride' and 'Streets' [what a great blend]
'Love and Peace'
...... and a few more...

the screens
the brilliant focus shifting U2's concerns and invitation to us from the troubles in Ireland beyond consumerism and into globalisaton... reminding us all that Jew, Muslim and Christian are all connected via the sons of Abraham!!

The invitation was given to add our voices and names to the global campaign against extreme poverty! We were exhorted to see selfishness as a poor alternative to grace and got a glimpse of the honest connection between these lads and Sydney!! I've never heard Bono's voice better courtesy of the return trip and delay!!

They even teased us by adding 'Mysterious Ways' so people were betting on a reciprocal visit from Kylie [I had wondered about a duet to 'One' filling the May J Blighe part...
but it was not to be!!

The photo above gives you a perspective [courtesy of 'Foxy' Andrew Fox] from inside the elipse shaped stage that allows U2 to wander further out into the crowd!!

A couple of days on I will have better feedback about my insights and what happened!!

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