Monday, June 12, 2006

iPod War

The latest musical fun in a few select Sydney pubs seems to be a competition where punters are invited to program a 20 minute playlist of their choice on their ipod... these are signed up and played so patrons can vote on which selection they liked most... winner gets a cash prize!!

This would be easy to do as a youth ministry activity with choice of one or more songs or as a way to fill the background at a camp where CDs were played. Punters name a song each, you burn it to a CD/s and play the selection over the weekend.

You could ask young people to choose a song and develop a flash or powerpoint audio-visual and award prizes for various aspects plus end up with some useful stuff for reflection/discussion...


t.a.h said...

apart from the whole being illegal thing :)

RJ said...

Yeah BUT its just accidental it gets played out loud in public... and the copying stuff is ojn the way out!!