Friday, February 10, 2006

Row M Seat 30 "Keeping Mum"

This carefully cast black comedy was a great choice for Sydney's OpenAir Cinema in January.
Rowan Atkinson plays the dithering and preoccupied local vicar [Rev Goodfellow] in a village of 57 residents. Meanwhile his wife is being swayed by the local golf pro [Patrick Swayze] and his kids are travelling under the radar. His daughter has a string of unique boyfriends whose names he muddles up and his son is being mercilessly bullied at school.
Thats all until the arrival of 'Grace' the new housekeeper!!

Some will find the film slow or lacking in good hearty laughs... but it is funny, its just black!
Transplanted from an original screenplay set in the US, this film only works because of the british stiffness so funnily evident.

It's a very clever look at: relationships; family; transitions; and more subtly the nature of grace.
The impact of non judgemental affirmation and a few slight of hand solutions pave the way for this family to come back together in unexpected ways!!

I felt the audience at large were comforted by and amused by this snapshot of 'the church and faith and their interplay' while I found an extra level of sharpness in the depiction.

Rated M 103 Minutes

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