Saturday, February 04, 2006

The 100 Worst Films Ever Made

A recent news article reminded me of this website and idea!
Here's the Top Ten Worst Films Ever Made as Voted in an Extensive Poll!!
[I find it hard to disagree...]

1. Battlefield Earth
2. Wild Wild West
3. Batman and Robin
4. Howard the Duck [I did laugh a few times]
5. Spice World [must be a close run thing in the Top 5
6. Speed 2: Cruise Control
7. It's Pat
8. Showgirls
9. The Blair Witch Project
10. Waterworld
11. Jaws 4: The Revenge
12. The "Look Who's Talking" sequels
13. Grease 2
14. The Avengers
15. Ace Ventura 2: When Nature Calls
16. Stop or My Mom Will Shoot
17. Anaconda
18. Godzilla [1998]
19. Barb Wire
20. Ishtar

If you ask me they forgot:
The Piano
All of Stephen Seagal's films
Eyes Wide Shut
Days of Thunder


t.a.h said...

u cant say the piano was a bad movie, nor eyes wide shut... they were good arthouse movies with a different kind of story. one can say they didnt enjoy them, but they can't be the worst movies of all time.

spaceballs was hillarious at the time of release, of course it didnt stick, but it used to be great...

days of thunder I'd include...

RJ said...

Nah.... I won't have it... I both didn't enjoy "The Piano" and its one of the worst movies ever... why? not enough room here!! arthouse... geez t.a.h. don't get me started!!

I loved "Spaceballs" at release BUT...

"Eyes Wide Shut"
Kidman and Cruise??????

thoroughly_post-modern_milly said...

I would have to agree with t.a.h on the piano - I quite enjoyed it, but thats what you get with a billion different people with a billion different opinions...