Wednesday, October 19, 2005

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"Not so much a book as a movement, Change the World for Ten Bucks is a sharply designed package of information, wit and inspiration for Australians.
Change the World celebrates 50 simple everyday actions that everyone can do to make the world a better place. They are deceptively simple things that don't require masses of time, money, or even conscience to achieve.
This is a book about involvement, a call to action beyond a credit card payment or direct debit donation.
We live in peculiar times. More communication devices than ever before connect us, yet more people live alone. We want to belong to communities but our cities can be very lonely places. We buy things - more and more things- with more and more money; but they don't make us happy - life satisfaction was higher with post-war rationing in the 1940s. We feel things very deeply and we want to do something, but what?
Change the World for Ten Bucks

When I saw the crew talking about this book on Oz breakfast TV today on 'Sunrise' I was reminded of the Tony Campolo series of '50 Ways' books.... except once again on the face of the discussion [I must grab a copy because it sounds like a great resource] here we are again with a community of people recognising or being alerted to ways to build community, meet the hurts and hopes of others and make the world a better place without any necessary reference to faith, the church, a particular alt view of the world or certainly without the "permission" of the church... thats OK... it is as it must be.... Its just another sign that while people search for a spirituality that makes sense and works for them.... the church as they know it remains an enigma!!

As ever it'll be great to harness the simple and effective concepts in this resource and then encourage young people to 'do the reflection' [praxis] that helps them grow faith!!

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