Sunday, October 23, 2005

ARIAS Awarded at Sydney Superdome

Austalian Recording Industry Artists Awards!!
I love the ARIAS for their contrast to other dominant music awards fro the US as they highlight our brilliant Oz talent!! Three cheers for Bernard Fanning!!

Check out sounds from the Top Albums at:

I have thought for months that Missy Higgins 'The Sound of White' was the best album I'd heard this year... I hope she doesn't suffer from over hype in the wake of her pool scooping wins tonight...

A real win for Triple J and the cred of their 'Unearthed' competition for unsigned bands as Missy [Melinda] won out of Year 11/12. Missy took off backpacking for 12 months before taking up the recording prize and the rest is... history!!

Neil Finn appeared and performed visibly and understandably upset "Better Be Home Soon" in tribute to former band mate and drummer Paul Hester.

There is usually an ARIA nominees CD as a follow up if you are looking for good music... even Ben Lee!!

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