Saturday, August 05, 2017


Not only has President Trump stretched the friendship with his weekends in Florida BUT it seems he's on a seventeen day vacation... the one he said he'd never take as POTUS!! Here's the thing, everyone," even the leader of the free world" needs to take a break, this shouldn't be big news. I also think not taking holidays is a stupid short term thing to try and do. It's just that the promise not to was another one of Trump's specifically ridiculous incessant shots at President Obama during his two terms. It also adds to the general sense that Trump will say or do whatever works for him at the time, perhaps not even as well crafted as Tony Abbott's 'scripted' and 'unscripted' remarks idea. Again, the holiday isn't the big deal, the rubbish he says is... OK, back to the 'not being baited into a weekly Trump rant' zone!!

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