Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter Thursday Reflective Worship

For those playing at home:
Thursday night from 7pm at 'Morisset Uniting Church in the Trees' we got things together
to spend a reflective time...

Led in with "Dona Nobis Pacem" Yo Yo Ma
Entering into the Story/Introduction
Prayer [one word contributions]
We listened to
"For You Deep Stillness" Robin/Dorothy Mann
"Believing the Impossible" Michael Toy Poem
Reader One: Luke 17: 20-21 and Luke 13: 18-20
Reader Two: Luke 18: 31-34
We listened to
"Stories of Hope" Rob Hanks/Phil Newton
with lyrics onscreen
A Story Luke 22: 7-23 from 'Mystic Bible'
+ sharing what Easter means to you
Reader Three: Luke 22: 24-27
Reader Four: Luke 22: 39-46
{Take What You Need" Prayer Activity [tear off the page]
We listened to
"Will You Walk This Path with Me"
Rads Sukumar-White Ben Cross
Sending Out
If I has to plan tomorrow for next year I'd suggest closer focus on Readings with a 'pot luck' dinner to share and bread cob/cup eucharist...

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