Wednesday, January 13, 2016

"Operation Boomerang"

This is the advert that seems to have a few people uptight... don't they remember the Kekovich originals!!
Lee Lin Chin's dry sense of humour and perfect comedic timing have become a real hit on TV with "Have You Been Paying Attention" [especially her deadpan reactions to Sam Pang] and it seems someone noticed and harnessed that for this quite clever bit of comedy. Funny, playful, cringeworthy Australiana... they're all up for some stick here, not just vegans!! I'd normally say racism of ridicule are judged how the effected see it, but comedy does always blur that line. I guess the facts are this is the big time of year for lamb sales and right from the off the attachment to Australia Day is something the marketers have sought to exploit. Between the cameos and the dry humour I find it clever and funny... comedy makes the rest hard to judge and causes it to sound a little sanctimonious I fear... In other year's I've noticed [Samy, Richie Benaud etc] this year I just might BBQ some lamb. I know some people whose livelihood depends on it!!

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