Thursday, July 03, 2014

"Strengths and Weaknesses"

   I've been pondering the age old questions in a review of being asked to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses and how you deal with these... I was talking about something I used to count as an area for work, that I'd done... and somehow it still ends up sounding like a lack...
   What I've been pondering since is the answer I wish I had offered, an answer about not thinking in terms of strengths and weaknesses but instead, thinking about what wisdom is... and what it would be wise to do, as a helpful question in all circumstances... and therefore talking about any wisdom I might have gained over the preceding period. I think focusing on wisdom suits an idealist like myself!!
   In other words, for some time I have been engaged in thinking about what wisdom is and does, rather than focusing on strengths and seeking to work at or overcome weaknesses.
   Does it make any difference... I think it makes a huge difference... for a start it's not deficit thinking... is still creative and is about moving forward with a focus on collaborating with others. It's about seeking to access their wisdom and relying on the gifts of others to achieve something as a group!! Wisdom values contributions and seeks to make good use of things in the right way. Wisdom grounds us and connects us with stories and practices. Wisdom seems apparent to others even if not to ourselves... if wisdom is challenged it's less about my self esteem and more about whether that wisdom applies in this situation... not bad for a Thursday afternoon!!

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