Monday, June 23, 2014

PHOTO of the Week: "The Making of Midnight Oil"

   So I went to Manly on Friday and could have stayed all day taking in the detail of an amazing tribute to 'The Oils'!! Ross Heathcote and Rob Hirst have done an amazing job with posters from 'Farm' through to costumes, the Sorry suits etc etc etc... Using road cases and their lids was an inspired choice as anyone who knows the band knows that hand print logo sprayed on the outside of the cases.
   This photo is the road case containing music, poster and lyric sheet for one of my fav. all time Oils songs "The Deadheart" from "Diesel and Dust." It's the signature song for audience participation by trying to be first in the room to start the groundswell "do do do do do do do do do!!" when you hear that jangly riff and the thumping base that bring the sounds of the desert to life on this inspired album. Wow!!


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