Friday, February 18, 2011

"Lent Event" 2011

"Lent Event" is a brilliant and inspired story of one person's idea being supported and encouraged by a faith community's key leaders as God's activity in [and desire for] the world finding a way to be exercised. The idea is to breathe life into the faith practice of 'giving up...' for Lent and by living simply in some way, give the money saved to change lives somewhere in the world where that's needed... in fact through a few chosen projects!!
Lent is that period from Ash Wednesday through to Easter Sunday [40 days not counting Sundays] and encourages a time of reflection and preparation.
I particularly like the part of the story where the Uniting Church expression of partnerships with churches across the world known as 'Uniting World' quickly sees the inspired nature of this and joins the project of one person after hundreds of churches and thousands of individuals have signed up.
The other aspect of Lent Event are the resources for worship or personal reflection which resource your time... get onboard by checking it out here.

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