Friday, November 05, 2010

Byron Bay [East Coast] "Bluesfest" Easter 2011

1st artist announcement for next years 'Bluesfest' has a few reasonable musicians on it....
Bob Dylan
BB King
Michael Franti
Ben Harper
Indigo Girls
Kate Miler Heidke
Elvis Costello
The Cat Empire
Saltwater Band
and my highlight from 2010... episodes of 'Rockwiz' from SBS TV

Keep in mind there will be 2 more major announcements with tens of bands in each one...

This year three of us made it to enjoy the weekend but also to experiment with how you'd do a young adult weekend.... it would be brilliant [if expensive]!! I don't yet know what I'll be doing but we're being 'merged' so nobosy knows the implications of all that yet!!
Fundamentally my point was that to do a young adult weekend and focus on engaging in the world where God was active it made less sense to put on your own event when something so brilliant was available [cost aside!!].
There were plenty of transcendent moments, opportunity for mornings together before heading into the fray and brilliant music besides!!

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