Thursday, August 26, 2010

U2 Presale

So, I have purchased my tix to U2 in Sydney through the fanclub presale!!
Sorry I wasn't able to call around and help people join in... the fanclub is limited numbers... I have a second code that might help someone if you meant to contact me... it's all happened really quickly... either way public tix 3rd September!!
Now, like many of my friends I am horrified at the prices and Ticketek's $18 fee!!!! robbery!!
I know the RED Zone is for charity BUT $400+???
My seats are 'nosebleed' 610 area and aren't cheap... I might go 'standing' for Saturday or Sunday when announced if I'm gonna be in Sydney for work!! I hope the 'Claw' works because I didn't like their last Tour show... stage was too low and made it hard to look over lighting and peoples heads!!
So, this is my last stab... if they keep doing stadiums and it sucks then that's it for me!! If they do indoors I'll be there on a zimmer frame!!


Paul said...

I'd love the code please

Paul said...

Thanks !

Dreamer said...

I'd also love the code.. pretty please :)
I'm in Perth and hoping they are the same code!

spirit2go team said...

the claw is FAB. make sure you have a hand under your jaw the first time you see it,


Trin said...

Hi, would love the code as it is the biggest band i am yet to see. I am gonna surprise the missus for xmas if i get tix. e-mail me please -

David said...

I would absolutely DIE if you could please email me the code:

A thousand thanks!!!

ashirwad said...

Hi, I'm in Sydney a devout fan!! The perfect Chrissy present for my family. The code would be much appreciated :)

kimch said...
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kimch said...
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